Pons Estimating Services Inc | 40 Year Certification
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40 Year Certification

40 year anniversary? Pons Estimating & Construction Services is aware that there are county requirements that, as a building owner you may need to comply with known as a 40 Year Certification? These requirements are for a “40 year Recertification/Certification Inspection” if the building is 40 years or older and located in Miami-Dade County. This inspection/certification will be enforced every 10 years after the 40 year anniversary. Even if you have no yet received a “Notice of Required Inspection” by the code compliance section of your county or city, it is the property owner’s responsibility to acquire the initial 40/50-year (re)certification and to recertify their building every 10 years thereafter. Because of this, the inspections must be done by or under the supervision of a qualified, Professional Engineer or Architect.